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Child Psychology Services Near Parramatta

We understand that every parent wants the best for their child, and our psychology services near Parramatta can provide you with the support you require. Our professional and experienced staff are qualified in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children with mental health difficulties. We provide a warm, friendly and inviting environment so you can feel comfortable when receiving high-quality care for your child’s health.

How Much Do You Know About Our Parramatta Psychology Clinic?

Your child can benefit from our psychology services which include:

  • The management and treatment for a broad range of mental health difficulties: We understand that every family and child is unique which is why our psychologist is experienced and skilled in a wide range of mental, emotional and behavioural conditions. Our professionals can help with diagnostic assessments, behavioural concerns, managing challenging behaviour, attachment issues, trauma, bullying, stress, support during or after parental separation and more.
  • Tailored therapy for your child’s requirements: We have initial consultations with just the parent, to begin with so you can share concerns about your child openly and comfortably. Our assessment and treatment recommendations are then formulated to suit your child and family’s specific need which may include one-on-one or family therapy, skills training, play therapy, support groups or educational workshops.
  • Collaboration between staff: Our multi-disciplinary allied health clinic allows our team to work together to provide your child with effective and efficient treatment. We offer a range of quality healthcare services in one convenient location, meaning our staff can get professional advice from therapists working in another field when formulating your child’s therapy plan.


The Importance of Our Child Psychologist in Parramatta

Our psychologist can help you understand the different areas of child development and determine what is typical.

  • Determining normal behaviour: As your child grows, it can be challenging to know whether their behaviour is typical for their stage of development or a sign of abnormality. Our psychologist can help you to understand what to expect from your child and how to best communicate with them so they can progress and thrive at each developmental stage.
  • Managing abnormal behaviour: Our psychologist can help to identify and detect the cause of unusual behaviour which may be the result of learning issues, hyperactivity, anxiety or other. 
  • Understanding the interaction between physical, cognitive and emotional development: A child psychologist understands the connection between physical, cognitive and emotional development and how a delay in one area may affect another. They can assess and address underlying developmental issues early and provide you with the support you need.


About Head 2 Toe Kids & Family Health

We are a multi-disciplinary allied health clinic that offers a range of services including psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy and more. Our integrated assessment and treatment for children mean that your child can receive the tailored treatment regardless of whether they have developmental, learning or behavioural difficulties. Our professional, friendly and experienced staff offer exceptional support to families to help your child reach their unique potential. Contact our Parramatta psychologist to book an assessment today.

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